Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Sweet Boy

During all of the Thanksgiving and after Thanksgiving madness, my little Bubby turned 18 months old. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. Every minute is exciting with him, but I am also a little saddened by how fast my "baby" is turning into a little boy/toddler.

As the old saying goes, "He's all boy." In to EVERYTHING. Loves to make messes. Loves to throw things. Loves to be outside. Cries when we come inside.

He has really taken off with his talking. His best word is "Horsh (for horse.)" And he will use this word at any opportunity.
ME: "Jeryn, are you hungry?" HIM: "Ooo, ba,da,ca, do, shoo....HORSH!"
ME: "Good morning, sweetie!" HIM: "Ooo, wa ba da whoo...HORSH!"
It is so cute how he rattles off a bunch of jibber-jabber and then ends his sentence with horse!

He also is using phrases like, "Uh Oh!", "Let Go!"(When he and Jaiden are fussing over a toy) and "I'm Okay!" When he falls or bumps his head, if it doesn't hurt bad enough to cry, he'll yell out, "I okay!"

He swings a rope constantly and gallops in little small circles like he is a horse. After his bathtime, he holds up his towel and says, "" because he wants me to wrap him up like a baby and sing the song to him. Ever since I brought him home from the hospital, after his bath, I wrap him up tight in the towel and sing rock a bye baby to him in front of the mirror so he can see. One night not long ago, I got busy and forgot and he drug his towel to me while we were still standing in the bathroom and said, "Baby?" Now he usually starts saying it before I even get him out of the tub!

He is a snuggler. He cuddles and loves and kisses ALL the time! If we are lying down with him, he can be sound asleep, but as soon as we get up he will pop straight up! Mario said it's like a dog snuggling her puppies. They are all warm and cozy, but if the momma gets up, they start to squirm because they can feel it when she leaves!

His favorite movies right now are Return to Snowy River, Spirit, and Super Looper Roy Cooper. He doesn't stop long enough to watch anything, unless it has a horse in it.

He loves his sissy, and can call her by both "Sisshy" and "Jaiden." When we pull up to her school to pick her up on the days that he is with me, he squeals, "Sisshy, sisshy!"

He loves to brush his teeth and would carry a toothbrush with him 100% of the time if I would let him. He goes to the bathroom drawer a dozen times a day to "brush teeth."

He loves his pacifer more than his toothbrush and asks for "paci" when he can't find it. There are so many little sweet things that I love about this boy! People told me how sweet little boys were, I just had no idea!!!!

We are so blessed to have healthy and happy children. Thank you Lord for each and every moment!


Jacquie said...

I have to admit... I'm a little partial to those sweet little boys!! (But, you may need to come back and see me if/when I have a little GIRL grandbaby someday. Ha!)

Everything you said reminds me of watching Tyler grow up. He is/was such a boy!! Oh, I just want to squeeze Jeryn's little cheeks!

I love to read your posts, Mic!

Sharmin said...

He is so precious. I have a little boy that swings anything like a rope, too. Just watch out, though, Logan got in trouble at school for roping 3 of his little classmates and tying them up. When I asked him why he did it he said, "They were steers, Mom!" Kind of like "Duh, don't you know anything?"

maryanne420 said...

he is just gorgeous! i agree with you, they just grow so fast. this is the very reason why no matter how tired i get, no matter how little sleep, i always remind myself to just slow down, look at their faces and just marvel at what the Lord has given us!

the Fosters said...

Great post!! So sweet! He is just precious! Love the movies he is into to. The boxer looks just like ours. I didn't know you had one too.

His Doorkeeper said...

Jeryn is a sweetheart! I love how he loves to be cuddled after his bath. These are precious moments that you will remember always!

Morris Family said...

What a sweet boy!! They may act as is they are too big for "mom" when they get older, but believe me...they still want momma to cuddle/snuggle them!!! He is so precious!!

Kelly said...

He is precious!!!!!! I just think he is the cutest thing!
And I LOVE your new blog look! So cute!

Leigh Ann said...

You are right. Boys are so sweet. That last picture of him...oh my goodness. I could just eat him up!

Heather said...

OH, this is so sweet and precious! I love my sweet boy so much and they just grow up TOO fast! I adore that picture of him kissing the dog....that is darlin'!!!! Let's definitely get together again soon....maybe after Christmas?!?!?
And I love your new header!!!