Monday, August 17, 2009

And She Tells Me She Won’t Play Ball…

I have always told myself that I wouldn’t “force” my children to play any sport.  After all, it was sort of by accident that I found my love for basketball in the third grade. 

No accident, however,  on the part of my Aunt Donna who asked my mom if she could take me to the Ozark Mountain Basketball camp because she thought I might have game :) 

So a knobby-kneed kid that could fit her mom’s shoes in the third grade with big maroon glasses headed off and met her soul mate.   The rest was history.  I spent my days (and nights) for the next fourteen years sweating it out in a gym. And I mean that in the most literal sense possible.  I lived, breathed, and loved a simple game.  But it was so much more to me.  It was a thrill to me.  I never once hated it or thought that I could be “burned out” on it. 

That commitment resulted in some of the best years of my life.  It also resulted in some of the best friendships that I have ever made.  It was avenue that allowed me to travel to lots of neat places, and meet lots of neat people.  It taught me so much about life. 

Over the years, I have witnessed lots of different “types” of parents and the level at which they are involved when it comes to sports and their kids.  I have always said, I would not force my children to play any sport, however, I’m thinking about changing that! :)

Not too long ago, I dressed these guys out for a little fun.  I bought these matching uniforms the week I brought Jeryn home from the hospital.  He finally grew into his, although Jaiden had grown out of hers about a year ago.  I came to the following conclusions:

First of all, anybody that looks this cute in a jersey MUST at least try one full season of basketball.  Be it upward, pee-wees, or boys & girls club, it is now a requirement.

IMG_1319_5_1 IMG_1318_4_1 IMG_1316_2_1 

Secondly, anyone who is having this much fun, or is developing a jump shot at five, is required to complete at least two seasons of one of the above mentioned basketball programs.

  IMG_1335_13_1IMG_1328_11_1  IMG_1325_9_1IMG_1338_14_1IMG_1327_10_1 

IMG_1323_8_1 IMG_1322_7_1

And lastly, anyone that gets an adrenaline rush from simple drills or from running out of a tunnel (or a closet) is required to play at least three years. ( I would have them wait in the closet and then I would announce their names, positions, and stats. They come running out of the closet down the hallway jumping and sliding…sooo funny!  They were really feeding off of my energy and getting into it!) 

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’ll love it as much as me????


If not, my guess is I’ll be living out of a horse trailer, watching late night ropin’s. 


Kelly said...

I have a feeling they will both be amazing athlete's.

But I'm still hoping she'll pick up pom poms instead! ha! :-)

I can't believe Jaiden is starting Kindergarten - wasn't she just born???

Heather said...

Look how high she is jumping!!! This post made me are such a fun Mom!! I can just picture you guys playing and you being the announcer!!!
Love it!
Miss you-let's get together when school, etc. gets underway!

Pastor Steve said...

She's doomed. You didn't even mention the fact that judging from the pictures, she already has a 30+ inch vertical leap. She could do a lot worse than follow in her mother's footsteps. She just might turn out to be an incredibly wonderful and amazing woman like her mom!

KK said...

Toooo cute....players they will be:)
And Mama will be happy so everyone will be happy, right?
Thanks for sharing.
Blessings always,
Matthew 21:22

Brooke said...

Hopefully they will love ball as much as you did! You have a beautiful family!

Jacquie said...

Look how high that girl can jump!!! She looks JUST like you! Those are the cutest pictures ever. You are such a fun (and FUNNY!) mom.

His Doorkeeper said...

Looks like a chip off the ole block to me! Both of them!! They are just so cute! Can't wait to see how Jaiden likes Kindergarten! Give us a first day account, ya hear??

Anonymous said...

You are too funny!

the Fosters said...

LOL at this post!! I bet they both will play and you are going to just love it more than when you played!
Already a natural with the BEEF!!

Mrs.Preppy said...

Oh my goodness... how stinkin' cute!