Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Loveable Max!


Could he be any cuter???


The next picture cracked me up.  I assumed the goat would learn to act like the dog, but looks like Esther has decided to be goat-like:

IMG_4172    IMG_4198_12_1_1 IMG_4199_13_1_1 IMG_4200

Thank goodness Max is feeling MUCH better!  After a few doses of pepto bismol and a round of penicillin and B12, he is doing well!  He nibbles on everything…the buttons on my shirt, my ponytail, my ring, toes, books, and as you can see here, paper towels:


The horses didn’t know what to think about Max the night we brought him home, but they have warmed up to him.  (I think Jeryn was telling him that he still likes horses the best).  We found out that Max loves animal crackers.  We already knew Esther did.

IMG_4222_16_1_1 IMG_4231_21_1_1


IMG_4232_22_1_1 IMG_4233_23_1_1 

We fixed a bucket of warm water and gave Max a bath this morning.  The only thing I could get to quickly was a bottle of Head & Shoulders, so Max shouldn’t be having any dandruff anytime soon :)


Jacquie said...

Jodi and I were talking about your first Max post last night. She said Jeryn will never be able to rope Max... cuz Max won't leave his side. Ha!

Esther is getting HUGE!

Nicki Woo said...

Max is definately a cutie pie. But tell Jeryn to watch out!, cause I really want to just eat that boy up!!!

A boy and his goat, does it get any better than that?

The Garners said...

I love Jeryn's expression in that last picture. :)