Friday, January 21, 2011

Someone Special for Stacie, 28 in AR!

So Kelly is hosting “Show us Your Singles” at Kelly’s Korner and although I did not ask for her permission, I have taken it upon myself to enter Stacie, my beautiful, and sweet first cousin. She is 18 days older than me :)


I think it goes without of saying that she’s a gorgeous girl, so let’s get to the other stuff… She has a fun personality and is hilarious to be around, she will make you laugh a lot, but she also knows how to take the important things in life seriously. She makes friends easily, works hard and is very independent. She really loves the Lord and has been actively involved with her church her entire life. Her parents are wonderful people and she reminds me a lot of both of them. Here is a picture of her a few months ago on a mission trip with her church.


She loves the Razorbacks and pretty much all sports, especially NASCAR and has a big heart for people. She was recently elected for City Council and is respected among her peers. She was a cheerleader in high school and cheered me on at lots of basketball games!


She has never been married, but I know that she will make a WONDERFUL wife and mother one day. Kelly has known Stacie pretty much forever, so you can always inquire for more info :)

Email me about her at!

Hope you’re not too mad at me , Stac!


Stacie said...

I'm in tears...thank you so much for your kind words Micaela. I love you with all my heart. You are a very special person, friend & cousin. Thank you!! :)
Romans 8:28

Sharmin said...

Awwww. Casey told me I need to put her on Kelly's list!

Jacquie said...

Stacie is a beautiful girl. Oh gosh, she has cracked me up ever since I can remember. She was at our wedding - and she was only about 4 months old. Every time I look at her, I dream of having her skin!! haha!

I'm praying that she will meet the ONE that God has picked for her.

You're so sweet for thinking of her, Mic.

His Doorkeeper said...

"He who getteth Stacie getteth a GOOD thing"!! She is beautiful on the outside but more importantly, she is beautiful on the inside!!

Stacie would make a loyal mate and life would never be dull!! She is a "people" person and has a heart of gold!
Wonderful in-laws you would have too! Her whole family is just the best!

I have known her since she was 3 yrs. old! Thanks, Micaela, for giving us the chance to give a good word for our beloved Stacie! May God lead your "Mr. Right" to her!