Sunday, January 30, 2011

To Know Your Name

Last Sunday was awesome. 


For the handful of people that follow my blog and it’s occasional postings, you  might remember reading about my daughter’s decision to accept Christ last May. 


We knew that she was ready to be baptized, and Mario and I agreed to ask Bro. Steve to baptize her.  He is the pastor of the church I grew up in and baptized me, as well as many of my other family members over the years.  We later learned that my cousin’s little boy, Bryce, and another little boy, Carter, would also be baptized the same morning!  What a special day to share together!

IMG_5952  IMG_5929

My mom usually fills the baptistery at the church when there are baptisms, so she had the water good and warm! :)


Bro. Steve met with the three kids to give them a few instructions: 


( I loved this one with their bare feet)

Jaiden & her cousin, Bryce


Jaiden & Mrs. Judy, one of the sweetest women on earth…


Carter & Bryce…

IMG_5960 IMG_5965


IMG_5968 IMG_5970

IMG_5971 IMG_5972



Mo & Jaiden…


I’ve thought for a week now about how to attempt to describe this special day, but I don’t know that I can!  Our hearts were overflowing with joy!  That’s something I’ve heard Mario’s mom call “full”…That night in the car Jaiden was singing “Amazing Grace.”  I hope I never forget the sound of her sweet little voice coming from the back seat.  It was pitch black around us as we drove, but her voice was so soft and sweet as she sang every single word.  I looked over at Mario and he looked at me…I could tell by the smile on his face, that his heart was “full” :) We pulled into the driveway at our house just a few moments later.  It was the perfect ending to an amazing day.

Tonight as I write this, I think about a song that I love right now.  “To Know Your Name” by Hillsong.  It prompts me to think about not only her decision to follow Christ, but my own, and anyone else who has made such a decision.

The precious blood of Jesus Christ redeems

Forgiven I’m alive, restored, set free

Your majesty resides inside of me

Forever I believe Forever I believe

Arrested by your truth and righteousness

Your grace has overwhelmed my brokeness

Convicted by your Spirit, led by your Word

Your love will never fail Your love will never fail

And I know you gave

The world your only Son for us

To know your Name, to live within the Savior’s love

And He took my place, knowing He’d be crucified

And you loved, you loved… A people undeserving…

To my sweet Jaiden:  As hard as I try for my family, I will never do it all right.  In fact, I fail miserably pretty much on a daily basis.  But I’m so thankful for a God who does everything right.  For a God who has a perfect plan for your life.  For a God who knows you by name and knows the number of hairs on your head (Which is a lot by the way!) :)

While raising children is an incredible blessing I’m so grateful to be a recipient of, it comes with great responsibility.  As much as I hope every decision I make for you is the right one, as much as I want to be an example, the truth is I don’t always know what’s best and I certainly don’t measure up to the example of Christ.  But He loves me anyway, and He will always always always love you.

My prayer for you daily is that your heart will desire the things of God, and that you will serve Him wholeheartedly all the days of your life.  I began praying before you were even born for your confidence…for you to know and understand who you are in Christ Jesus above anything.  I thank God for answered prayers in your decision at an early age to follow Him.  I thank Him that you know whose you are. 

And I will continue to pray that you will know and understand what He has done for you in order for you to know His name.  I will pray that you know “his majesty resides inside” of you, and that you would “forever believe” no matter what.  And although at your young age, you haven’t necessarily known “brokeness” as mentioned above, one day you will feel and understand this.  And I pray that in that moment, his “grace would overwhelm you.  I pray that you will always be “convicted by His Spirit” and that your life always “led by the Word…” because “His love will never fail,” Jaiden.  Never.

I love you dearly.

(Sorry, you’ll have to scroll down and turn off the playlist to be able to hear this)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Someone Special for Stacie, 28 in AR!

So Kelly is hosting “Show us Your Singles” at Kelly’s Korner and although I did not ask for her permission, I have taken it upon myself to enter Stacie, my beautiful, and sweet first cousin. She is 18 days older than me :)


I think it goes without of saying that she’s a gorgeous girl, so let’s get to the other stuff… She has a fun personality and is hilarious to be around, she will make you laugh a lot, but she also knows how to take the important things in life seriously. She makes friends easily, works hard and is very independent. She really loves the Lord and has been actively involved with her church her entire life. Her parents are wonderful people and she reminds me a lot of both of them. Here is a picture of her a few months ago on a mission trip with her church.


She loves the Razorbacks and pretty much all sports, especially NASCAR and has a big heart for people. She was recently elected for City Council and is respected among her peers. She was a cheerleader in high school and cheered me on at lots of basketball games!


She has never been married, but I know that she will make a WONDERFUL wife and mother one day. Kelly has known Stacie pretty much forever, so you can always inquire for more info :)

Email me about her at!

Hope you’re not too mad at me , Stac!