Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My sister and I are always joking about how much we visit Kelly’s blog. We grew up with Kelly and she has been a dear friend since, well, forever! The longer I live, the more I am convinced that everybody in the world reads Kelly’s blog. In fact, I recently commented on someone’s blog in another state, that neither Kelly nor I have met, and found out later that she recognized me from Kelly’s blog!

Jamie and I joked that we were glad Kelly didn’t have a live traffic feed on her site because we would be embarrassed—we both admitted to checking it a minimum of three times a day! But the funniest thing said was one day when we were discussing how we never read or watch the news. In fact we were talking about how when people asked us questions related to recent news; we would play along and pretend like we knew what they were talking about!

Here’s an Example:
“Boy, things sure could be worse—we could be down in Houston picking up the pieces.”

“Yeah, I know that’s right…isn’t that a shame?” Then we scramble to find a paper or flip through the channels… “Oh, there was a hurricane recently?”

We laughed at ourselves and then my sister proudly said, “I don’t watch the news, I get all my news from Kelly’s blog!”

I cracked up! So, all of that being said, my sister is the one with the news today! Click here to check it out! Congratulations! I love being an AUNT!!

And this is a picture of my sweet nephew and niece wearing the shirts that J&L gave them when they told them the news! R’s says “I’m the Big Brother” and A’s says, “In the Middle!”
I am relieved she announced the news because I nearly let he cat out of the bag the day after I found out. They were waiting to tell R until after their doctor appointment. I told Mario’s mom in from of J without even thinking. I said, “My sister’s having a baby!” Sandra responded very enthusiastically and J immediately started jumping up and down saying, “Mom! Who’s your sister?! Who’s your sister???!!!...Mom! Tell me!”

I managed to get her distracted but I’ve been waiting for the light bulb to come on. I didn’t want her to run back and tell R before his parents even got the chance. I know she understands that Jamie and I are sisters--we have talked about that before. I guess she just forgot or thought I had another sister somewhere! I will tell her the news when she wakes up in the morning!


Kelly said...

You are so crazy. I quit watching the news because all it did was depress me and I like to live in my little happy world.
I'm so glad Jamie posted (I haven't even been to her blog yet) because now I can put her on my "baby momma" list and link to her!
P.S. Nothing makes me happier than the fact that you are blogging again!

Jacquie said...

Mic, I read your post to Dave and we just cracked up!! Sometimes you sound just like your Dad the way you tell a story.

We are SO happy for "your sister". Ha!

I tell Kelly all the time that she is FAMOUS!

Heather said...
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The Garners said...

It cracks me up that Jaiden got all excited and then asked "who's your sister!?"

Thanks for the post!

Laura Ann said...

Okay, so at least you and your sister grew up with Kelly. I stalk her about 3 or 4 times a day and have never even met her. She is just the cutest little thing.

Your family is just precious and I am so excited for the edition your sister is adding.

Morris Family said...

Congrats on being an Aunt again!! The news is depressing isn't it??! Good Luck to Jamie!

marlene said...

This whole not understanding that mommy's are real people too is just hilarious to me. I have a friend who is a 5th grade teacher. One day she asked a girl in her class to take names while she went to the bathroom. This little girl's eyes got big as saucers and she said, "Teachers do that too?" Yes, mommy has a sister! blessings, marlene

Leigh Ann said...

I am right there with you and Jamie on checking Kelly's blog several times a day and not watching the news! I also had a girl recently recognize me from Kelly's blog. She is also a friend of Jamie's. This blog circle is SO small! It cracks me up.

You children are GORGEOUS. Evan loved to get on the dishwasher door, too.

Ella Grace would be ALL OVER those dolls and bunk beds. Oh my goodness!

I am SO happy for Jamie and Lane. That's just THE best news!

His Doorkeeper said...

I agree with Jacquie about you sounding like your Dad. I can just hear you talking when you blog!!

I am so happy for Lane and Jamie! I think it is a BOY!!