Friday, September 26, 2008

Toliet Brushes, Dishwashers, and Dolls

Last night the kids weren't ready to get out of the bath tub, so I walked to the sink and started brushing my teeth and washing my face. They were having a ball splashing and playing so I thought a few extra minutes couldn't hurt.

Between the bathtub and the commode (which I feel is a pretty normal place for a toilet brush) sits a cute little turtle toilet brush holder from Target that coordinates with the rest of the sea creatures bathroom theme. Jeryn is FOREVERMORE grabbing it and waving it in the air. I know I need to move it...but that's beside the point.

So last night as I'm brushing my teeth,washing my face, and talking with the kids I realize they are splashing extra loud. Big J is pretending to paddle little J around in a boat, and she is paddling hard. Cute, huh?

Except I didn't realize WHAT she was paddling with. I have been standing at armslength the entire time, but with all of the bath toys floating in the tub, I failed to realize that she was paddling with the TOILET BRUSH. Uh, gross! It would have made a great photo, but I did I mention I was grossed out??

So I grab it from her and she shouts, "Jeryn handed it to me!" I looked at him as if to ask, "Is that true?" He just laughed out loud. That stinker...

Just for the record, this is one of Bubby's favorite places in the house! He can be in another room of the house, but when he hears that dishwasher open…he comes runnin’! He just cracks me up! Today when I picked him up at NeNe’s he had obviously spilled something on the clothes I sent him in. He was in the bedroom and when he heard my voice he came FLYING out of the bedroom with his arms held out toward me. He turned the corner wearing a huge red t-shirt that was dragging the ground and smiling so big he could eat a banana sideways. Man I love that boy!

Last week he started something so cute. Of course, like any decent mother, I always test the temperature of his food before giving it to him. However, if I hand him something that is even remotely warm, he holds it right in front of his mouth and blows on it AS HARD AS HE CAN. And I don’t mean just a little, I’m talking vigorously! So funny…
Now there is a story behind this doll…
Her granny got her this for Christmas the year before last. Some of you moms may be familiar with the MyTwinn collection?? We cut a lock of J’s hair, and sent a picture of her in, and they made a doll that supposedly looks like her twin. (Debatable).

J has just now really taken an interest in the doll and has been toting her around. As a matter of fact, I slept with this doll’s toes poking me in the side all night (as if we had room for anyone else in the bed).

Let me emphasize that she is a very large doll…she doesn’t look as large in this picture as she really is. Earlier in the week, J had taken the doll in the car. I can’t imagine how it would be possible in my car to get lost in the junk, but somehow she did. I ran to pick up some lunch and as I reached back to grab my purse, the doll’s face was under my purse…I shrieked out loud before I realized it was the doll.

Ever so often we get a magazine from the doll company. They have never been looked at until now. This time, the magazine has become of the uptmost importance, and we must know where it is at all times. If milk were spilled on it at dinner time, heaven forbid we throw it away...salvage it for crying out loud! J has made a hobby out of looking through the magazine while lying in the bed tucked in, occupying the commode, and traveling. Oh, and she also commented that "Some people call it a magazine, and some people call it a catalog, but either one is okay."

So here's the reason for the story: Two days ago she was studying the magazine and noticed the real bunkbeds and the matchign doll bunkbeds in the photo. Very dramatically she suggested that she might need the doll bunk beds. Before I could even respond, she said, "Mom, I want bunk beds like these for myself (they were pink), but I don't need them...just the doll bunk beds, so don't even worry about getting bunk beds for me. Don' think about that, ok?"

Bless her heart--little does she know, Momma is thinking about keeping gas in her vehicle, not $128 doll bunk beds, let alone a new set of REAL bunk beds! Thank goodness she is so thoughtful that I didn't even have to tell her "no" on that. Now, if I can just figure out how to explain that the doll will nto be receiving bunk beds either...maybe I can swing the child&doll matching pajama set she's inquiring about.

Here she is working on her first homework assignment for pre-k. They had a review sheet for the letters and numbers they had learned this month. I'm so proud of this girl!


Jacquie said...

That picture on Jeryn on the dishwasher is HILARIOUS! I've never seen a child do that. Ha!

Sounds like Jaiden has her power of persuasion skills in tact. I love the doll twin. Too cute.

(I've not gotten lonely at the office this week... it's been nice and quiet!)

Kelly said...

Micaela - you CRACK me up!!!! And so do your kids. Love that pic of Jeryn in the dishwasher.
And Jaiden is just going to be ever bit as funny and pretty as you are. She is something else.

the Fosters said...

The toliet bowl story is the best!!! Love it!! Your kids are BEAUTIFUL!!!! The doll looks so much like her. That is so neat that they do that. I have never heard of it.

Heather said...

That is too funny about the toilet brush- and I can't believe that pic of him standing on the dishwasher! Hilarious!

Leigh Ann said...

I had no idea where this story was going. Toothbrush in the toilet maybe? Ugh. Never thought about the toilet brush in the bath tub! Ewwww! Sounds like J has a good imagination! Ha! I bet they got a second bath. Hee hee hee.

His Doorkeeper said...

I hate toliet brushes...they are I can imagine your horror of seeing one in the tub with your kids!

Chris use to stand on the dishwasher too and look how bad he turned out!....Better look into getting some therapy for Jeryn while he is still young! har har