Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treat

We met Jamie at The Purple Cow for lunch the day before Halloween. I'm not sure what we were thinking because it was pretty much a disaster. When the kids weren't standing up in the booth or climbing in the windows, they were playing under the tables or swinging from the nearby coat rack. It's always embarrassing (and annoying) when the waitress tells them not to do something...

After lunch, we dropped in Mario's office. They had some candy there for the kids. I just had to post this picture of Alexee because her costume was so stinkin' cute!

Both of the smaller kids wanted in the car with Rhett. Later, Rhett hooked up to an office chair and towed it around a little.

Jeryn made a cute lion--a little more sweet and cuddly than a real one don't you think?!

It's funny that Jaiden wanted to be Dorothy because she has never really watched the whole movie because I wouldn't let her. She sure made a cute one though!
I was Dorothy one year in elementary school. My dad drew a great picture of Toto on a piece of cardboard and we cut it out and put it in a basket to carry. I want to say it was fourth grade.

Jaiden helped me make the ruby red slippers with some old dress shoes, spray adhesive, and glitter. I sprayed something over it that was supposed to make it really stick, but by the end of the night, they were looking pretty rough...

We had a festival at our church, so instead of trick-or-treating, we just took the kids there. They had a lot of fun. I have never seen Jeryn so torked up! He was running as hard as he could in every direction. Mario&I had our work cut out for us trying to keep up with him.

Here they are playing a little game. This was just before Jeryn tried to drink out of the pool...

They had an empty tomb set up and one of the youth was dressed as a guard outside the tomb. I took Jaiden inside and explained to her what it was.

This last picture is of Jaiden with one of the sweet girls from our Stepping Up bible study group. She was there with her two little boys and Jaiden was excited to see another Dorothy!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Kelly said...

Their costumes were PRECIOUS Micaela!!!! If they got any cuter - I think I might explode!

His Doorkeeper said...

The cutest little Lion and Dorothy I've ever seen! Looks like they had a great time!

Love that Jaiden got her picture with a grown-up Dorothy!

the Fosters said...

Way to go on making those ruby red slippers. I probably would have just bought them, but what a great idea to have her help you!
It was so funny seeing Mario chase Jeryen around at church. He is one fast little boy!
They were precious!

KK said...

Cutest Dorothy and Lion I've seen. Wonderful photos and looks like everyone had a great time. You sure did a great job with Dorothy's shoes.
Blessings always,

The Garners said...

I remember the great cardboard Toto!

Jacquie said...

Jeryn must've been thirsty! ha!

I don't think I've ever seen a cuter Dorothy. The shoes are great.

I would've loved to have seen the cardboard Toto! Hilarious.

The Keltons said...

What cute costumes. Those red slippers looked great!

Leigh Ann said...

Well, that is the cutest lion and Dorothy I have EVER seen. We (Derek and I) were completely worn out after Halloween. I think it is hard on the parents. LOL! You did a fantastic job on those slippers!