Friday, October 9, 2009

“We Love Kitties!”

Several weeks ago at Mario’s uncles’ arena/barn there were a few kittens running around.  I’m posting a video of J & J with a kitten :) When I asked J what she thought, she said, “We love kitties!” Notice the look in her eyes begs to take one home.  Not happening.  Both kids SOBBED as we pulled out of the gate to go.  Jaiden was all out mad at me for not letting her take one.  Here they are before I broke the news to them that we were NOT adding a kitten to our family.  The second video is funny because at the end she was telling on someone for doing something to my car…hmmm….

IMG_3521 IMG_3526 IMG_3528 IMG_3545

IMG_3514 IMG_3513


And here is little man wearing his granny’s reading glasses :)

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