Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Project and More Pumpkins

I started this little project a good six months ago and finally took a few minutes to finish it by hanging the pictures in the hallway.  Bubby harmed  helped me by shoving nails into my mouth handing me nails when I asked for them and dropping the hammer on my toe handing me the hammer a time or two.  He was so precious because every few minutes he’d say (with lots of enthusiasm) “WOW! Mama that’s lookin’ GREAT!” and “Mama that’s lookin’ Good!”  He is a sweet, sweet boy.  He told me tonight how he loved me :) 


I am not obsessed with pumpkins although the last three posts have been about pumpkins…But here are a few more pictures of pumpkin painting/pumpkin decorating.  Both pumpkins ended up without faces due to Jeryn wiping them down with his bare hands while the paint was still wet.  I guess I’ll add a face on with a Sharpie maybe??  And I’ve written “pumpkin/s” a total of six times in this paragraph.

IMG_21144  IMG_2117 IMG_2120 IMG_21199 IMG_2123 IMG_21211


Jacquie said...

Your photo project looks GREAT!!! Looks like the kids had fun!! I remember doing that at the Sneeds with our kids. FUN TIMES!

Kelly said...

Love it! I love the pictures and love the pumpkins - Love the pipe cleaners! So cute!

the Fosters said...

Love it the way Jaiden wanted to help!! The pictures and pumpkins look great!

His Doorkeeper said...

Your photo wall looks great! I'd love to see each picture! What a wonderful thing for your kids to see when they go up and down the stairs each day...family is important!

Love the decorated pumpkins...very artsy!!

The Garners said...

Cool photo project! I've been wanting to do something like that forever and just can't seem to sit down and choose/order the pictures. It looks great! And so sweet what Jeryn said. :)

Cute pumpkin idea, too! ("cute t-shirt") :)