Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tough Love, Community Group Love, Puppy Love

Tough Love: It’s hard to be a big sister when your little brother is as ornery as my baby boy.  These two are absolutely nuts about each other, but there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t have her in a chokehold or tackle her (“I tackle sissy!” as he says) or sail off a piece of furniture onto her back.  Or throw a shampoo container while taking a bath.  Which is what happened here:


She cried for a minute but I think it cheered her to use Mo’s “Boo Bunny” icepacks especially for boo-boos.  I felt awful sending her to school the next morning because it was bruised and puffy, but she was actually kind of proud of it. We both agreed that having a little brother sure makes a girl tough.


Community Group Love:  I just love our community group.  The other three couples have been such a blessing to us.  They are a fun group.  We had an early non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner last Sunday and each brought a Mexican dish.  I made my Aunt Rhonda’s Quesadillas with Red Pepper Sour Cream Sauce.  We had tacos, side dishes, and some yummy desserts!  One of the girls in our group had volunteered to host us and so her sweet little girl helped set the tables and made some decorations. 


Here are our kiddos, Baby Ethan (right) was in his car seat in a different room so he wasn’t in the group picture :( IMG_2372 IMG_2376

Diana, Shannon, and Casie working hard while I stand there looking through a lens. ha!

IMG_2371 IMG_2377 IMG_2379

Casie had the kids tables set up on their screened in porch and when I walked out there, Chloe was leading them in a prayer before their meal.  So sweet.


My little man doesn’t get to play with any little boys his age much, so he had a lot of fun with this other little guy…


Making muscles for the camera:


It’s kind of funny because we just finished a study on parenting and every time we get ALL of our kids together, we certainly get a chance to exercise some of those parenting skills. Ha!  Nothing like finding out what works and what doesn’t right there on the spot!

Puppy Love:  And last but not least, this sweet little girl is coming home with us in a couple of weeks.  Jaiden has already given her a name. Esther.  Isn’t she a little doll?!



Jacquie said...

Poor Jaiden. Reminds me of the time Kale elbowed me playing basketball and I had the biggest shiner.

I loved how Casey got up on a seat to say the prayer. So cute.

Your new puppy looks amazingly like your old puppy! :)

Kelly said...

The kids are getting so big!!! All the sudden Jeryn looks like such a BIG boy!
And I love Esther!!!! She is so cute!!

taterbug said...

Aww I love Esther she is such a cutie. I bet the kids will be loving on her all the time. Bless Jaiden... Luke is sporting a lil bruise right now from Aniston too!

the Fosters said...

I love the new puppy! Love those boxers!!
I am so glad you got some sweet pictures at our Thanksgiving dinner. The kids looked precious!
You guys are such a blessing to us too!