Thursday, August 12, 2010

Funtainers, Fillings, and Other Small Talk

Ever heard of a “funtainer?” I hadn’t.

I’m guessing I may be a little behind the times.

I pretty much picked out J’s school stuff, but when I mentioned needing to get her a new water bottle, and that I would let her pick it out, she knew immediately what she was in the market for.

Five stores later, we found it. Jeryn needed one too. He is required to bring a water bottle to school also, and it must have a built in straw.

Perfect! The funtainer has a push-button to pop the top open, and then a nice built in straw. I would’ve liked a different design better, but beggars can’t be choosers. The funtainer supply was a little scarce around here just a few days before school starts. Jeryn had a funtainer under each arm and annouced, “This one’s for Daddy!”

I told him he could share. I hated to spend another $12. Even if it does stay cold for 12 hours.

photo (4) photo

I think we have all the necessary school supplies now. I have a few labels to make, and then everything will be ready!

I can’t believe the summer is nearing an end, and we are getting back into the school routine.

Before a trip to the dentist Tuesday morning:


Things were quite dramatic when I found out that Jeryn had numerous cavities a while back. So we went to a pediatric dentist and the evaluation went great. We came back the next week, and Jeryn wouldn’t sit in the chair and wear the mask, so we had to delay the fillings for another month. The dentist decided he would need to be somewhat sedated to complete the dental work, and gave me a prescription and rescheduled him. I had strict instructions to follow: No food or drink after midnight, arrive at 8am, weigh in, administer the medicine, wait in lobby for one solid hour, be called back at 9am, and complete dental work. I was nervous about having a hungry little bear on my hands and not being able to do anything with him for an hour, on top of worrying that we wouldn’t be able to complete the dental work. But it all worked out.

photo6 photo 5 photo3

Jeryn was a little angel. He was so sweet and he got three little fillings.

IMG_5786 IMG_5793 IMG_5794 IMG_5791

He never was completely out, but he was pretty drowsy. They let him breathe grape “silly gas'” after the medicine had kicked in and he laid in the chair nice and still. I sat on the chair next to him the whole time, holding his hand and rubbing his little legs.  The cavities weren’t very deep, so they didn’t even have to numb him. I think the gas did make him a little loopy because at one point he was humming and singing a little tune. It was so pitiful and cute at the same time. After one filling he said, “Thank you…” to the dentist. Here he is after we were done, proud of the tooth ring that he picked from the treasure drawer:


He has really grown up this summer! Even looking at that picture of me holding him the morning before we left for the dentist, I cant believe how big he looks! He talks all the time about random stuff and we get the biggest kick out of some of the stuff he says.

Tonight during dinner, Jaiden asked, “Is he going to talk that country at school?”


Jacquie said...

All I could think of on water bottles is about cleaning them. Ugh! (sorry)

We had a similar experience with Kale at the dentist when he was in Kindergarten.

It was so good to see y'all last weekend!

Heather said...

He does look SO BIG!!!! Oh, the dentist!!!! I hate it for me AND my kids!!! When Connor goes next time I am going to ask if they will sedate BOTH of us!!! :)

His Doorkeeper said...

He is getting so big! Looks so sweet in the dentist chair! So FUNNY what Jaiden said!!! She's got her mama's sense of humor!!

Thanks again Micaela for coming this week-end! It meant the world to us! We love you all!

The Garners said...

SO FUNNY what Jaiden said! She cracks me up!

Jeryn really has grown up so much this summer--can't believe it! Glad his dental work went well.