Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Possibilities Are Endless…

So J wanted to know what the tooth fairy looked like. 

Mo drew her the following picture:


“No. That looks too much like an angel,” J told her.  “Draw another one…” 

The second one satisfied her a little more:


Then Grandad drew his version of the tooth fairy:


“A man in woman’s clothes?” Jaiden said out loud.

No wonder she was worried that the tooth fairy might wake her up when she-man lifted her pillow up. 


Jacquie said...

I hope J wasn't traumatized by that last picture!!! Still rolling in laughter.

Kelly said...

I am DYING laughing at your dad's drawing. Randy Hopper is the craziest man alive! Poor Jaiden - she won't want to lose any teeth now!

His Doorkeeper said...

Randy will have to pay for Jaiden's therapy!!!!!

Mo's fairy looked very prim and proper for a tooth fairy!

I love the pattern on Randy's Fairy's dress!!
Maybe that's the way HIS and Greg's tooth fairy looked back in the olden days!! ha ha

The Garners said...

This made me laugh all over again. I'm surprised Jaiden slept a wink that night (or the several nights after, for that matter!)

The Garners said...

I love the little purple shoes on the second one.

Brysmommy, Kenswifey said...

I have enjoyed looking at your family and reading your posts! I found you via Kelly's Korner! Your children are beautiful!

the Fosters said...

That is the craziest lookin tooth fairy I have ever seen! Jaiden's drawings are still better than anything I could draw!

Love the time you got to spend with your precious Jeryn! He is just too cute. Love the rope he is always carrying! Is there a future roper living with ya??