Monday, June 8, 2009

Growing Up and Graduating…

Major milestone in the Thomas household this past month—we have a graduate on our hands!  Can’t believe how the time has flown by since I posted this as I reacted like a typical overwhelmed and emotional mother dropping her child off at school for the first time. 

When asked if she was excited about being an official kindergartener she said she was “excited…but a little nervous.”

Followed by tears because she wanted the same teachers and classmates…like forever. 

I tried to explain to her that a few of the kids might be going to school with her next year, but for the most part they would be going different places and each year she would have new teachers.  The first picture makes me smile though, because this is a friend for life, I believe!


1. Do these look like future valedictorians or what?

2. Are these little graduation caps on preschoolers not the cutest stinkin’ things?!


…Giggling because every time they would turn around, Jeryn would try to pull their tassels!


A proud mama!


With “NeNe”…she did a great job in helping to prepare her for pre-k and has been with her since J was only 6 weeks old.


Moments before going on stage to receive certificate…


With Miss Kathy(left) and Miss Lisa (right).  Thank you for being such fabulous teachers!  We will always remember you both!

She did extremely well on her skills checklists (they did them in December and again this spring).  I want to share what her teacher wrote about her back in December so that I will always remember it!  (I will add the most recent one later, but right now I’m not sure where it is?? and I had this one handy:

Jaiden is a sweet & smart girl who really loves school and is always eager to learn something new! She works well in large & small group activities and gets along well with others! She is very respectful &helpful in class and a great joy to me! – Miss Lisa

And a GREAT joy to us!


On the Eastern Journey said...

Those caps and gowns are too cute. How is it possible that Jaiden is all ready to start school?

KK said...

What a special milestone and thanks so much for sharing. Praying for blessings for all of you...always,
Matthew 21:22

Jacquie said...

You don't know how bad I wish I could go back to where you are in life!!! I miss those days... enjoy every minute.

Those caps and gowns are the sweetest things - I've never seen preschoolers wear them. Too cute.

I always LOVED reading the notes the teachers wrote for me... well, some of Tyler's weren't so fun! Ha!

His Doorkeeper said...

You all have a right to be proud of Jaiden. She is not only the most beautiful girl outside but shows inner beauty already also! "A chip off the block" Like Mother, like daughter!!

You and Mario are blessed!

His Doorkeeper said...

Jaiden is not only beautiful on the outside but her inner beauty shows through! I bet the teachers would love to have a roomful of "Jaidens"!!

She's a chip off the old block.....Like Mother, like daughter!!

You are blessed!

The Garners said...

Where did 5 years go? Didn't I JUST bring Rhett to your house for the first time when they were both just a few weeks old?

25Mom said...

I think they'll be friends for life too! Or least I hope. She thinks of her no matter where we are or what we are doing. She made letters for J and J and I was suppose to send them awhile back, but I forgot. They were so cute!

Heather said...

Of course I am extra hormonal, but this made me cry!!! OH--they grow up SO FAST!