Friday, September 4, 2009

Catching Up, Part 1!

I am ashamed at how behind I have gotten when it comes to blogging!  I still have pictures from my friend’s wedding the first week of July that are still on my camera :(

So tonight, I have a clean house, the laundry is caught up, Mario is gone to rope for a while, and the kids have been bathed and are entertaining themselves.  At least for now. 

So I’m going to back-track a little and hit the high points…

APRIL:  I can’t believe I haven’t documented this trip to the State Farm Operations Center in Tulsa.  These pictures are from when we went for Mario’s interview…

IMG_0399_2_1_1_1_1 IMG_0402_2_1_1 IMG_0404_4_1_3_1_1 

 MAY: These two were in a wedding:


Jeryn on the day he turned two:

IMG_1055   IMG_1062

JUNE: A fun visit from my good friends Caronica and Tramale.  I think he actually goes by his first name William or “Will” now.  But to me, he’ll always be Tramale!  He was our student assistant for our basketball team my senior year.  He also helped manage the team in the years prior to that, and I have laughed so hard with him on so many different occasions.


I first met Caronica when she came to our college as a recruit.  My senior year when we went to the Final Four, she was a huge part of our success that year.  Awesome player.  Awesome person!  Thanks to her for staying with me and the kids a lot this summer while Mario was traveling!

S5002109  S5002106 S5002112 S5002120

We tried to grill out and I nearly caught the whole deck on fire.  I have never seen so much smoke in my whole life!  ha!  I AM NOT KIDDING.  The above photos were taken after we got things back under control, but I thought we were going to have to call for back up.  We were grilling bacon wrapped shrimp and the grease from the bacon was fueling the fire!  We took “flame-grilled” to a whole new level!  But it turned out pretty good! 

And then I just realized that I had not even posted a picture from Jeryn’s 2nd birthday celebration!  His birthday was May 31st, but we celebrated at our house the next week…Here are a few of the pics from that:

IMG_1082_5_1 IMG_1086_7_1

  IMG_4683 IMG_4684

IMG_4639 IMG_4707

IMG_4657 IMG_4665

IMG_4713 IMG_4696


Kristen said...

aww the kids are too cute!!

Heather said...

Jeryn is such a sweet handsome boy! I love seeing all the pics! You have such a sweet family!
Hilarious about the grilling...I am too scared to touch our grill-ha!

KK said...

Great pictures of all of you and thankful for your time with old friends! Food looks yummy!
Hopefully this comment thing is working now:)
Blessings this Labor Day Weekend and always,
Matthew 21:22

Jenny said...

LOVE all the pictures! how fun! I knew Tramelle's family growing up. I went to Guy-Perkins where he and his brothers went.
Your family is GORGEOUS, every single one of you!