Thursday, September 3, 2009

“I’m Liking the Sound of This!”

A few days ago, J overheard me telling Mario that I was considering splurging and purchasing some sort of an iPod.  I am training for a half-marathon in October, and quite frankly, I have gotten bored with listening to myself pant for an hour straight.   I thought maybe some upbeat music might spur my adrenaline and help me to get over the hump throughout the next eight weeks.

Later that night, J told me that she would “really like to have one of those ‘ipots.’  I told her it was not something we would just buy, but with some effort on her part, we might eventually get her something similar.  Someone had told me that you could get a pink MP3 player for kids that held 20 songs for about $20-$30.  We made a deal…if she continued doing a great job at her daily chores and learned 20 new bible verses, then we would purchase the MP3 Player.

So far she has learned 7 verses.  Today I took her to get her hair relaxed (a 3 hour process every 6 months) On the way, we practiced her verses in the car.  One passage she is re-memorizing is Psalm 91.  She had learned all 16 verses in October of 2007, but had forgotten a lot of it, so she was to polish it up as well. 

I stopped to ask her if she wanted me to explain what some of those big words meant.  She did, and so I attempted.  I explained what it meant to “dwell in the shelter of the Most High” and what other words and phrases like “refuge,” “fortress,” “fowler’s snare” and “deadly pestilence” meant.  She nodded and seemed to be understanding everything.  When I got to the part about being covered by His feathers, and finding refuge under His wings, I told her it was one of my favorite parts because it told of how our Heavenly Father protects us.  The Message translation puts it this way: His huge outstretched arms protect you—under them you are perfectly safe; his arms fend off all harm. Before I completely finished my explanation, she interrupted me, and nodding her head up and down slowly she said, “I’m liking the sound of this!”  Priceless.  So sweet, and she was so serious. 

Here she is when we got back home…in the 2nd photo she is actually counting out her money.  She came home last night with some change that her Granny had given her.  She said she wanted to “give it to the kids that didn’t have any.”  I asked her if she wanted to give it as an offering in her class Sunday or if she’d like to save it and help buy stuff for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes in the next couple of months.  She opted for the latter. Now, anytime she overhears any pocket change jingle, she runs to collect :)

IMG_3359 IMG_3369 

And here is little man, growing up right before my eyes, entirely too fast.  He tries to get in on the scripture memorization by repeating everything Jaiden recites.  He does his best…but he usually reverts back to singing “Cowboy Cool” or rambling about roping and spouting off our horses’ names.  It won’t be long before he is big enough to recite.  Lately, he is big on saying, “Guess what, Mama?!” or ”Guess what, sissy?!”  or “Guess what(whoever is around to listen)” It’s hilarious! 

Another thing that I love that he is doing right now is this sweet little “Mhhmmm.” to a lot of the questions I ask him.  I think it’s just fun to ask him questions and see that he is really comprehending what I’m talking to him about!

Last week before we went to visit Mo and Grandad, he talked ALL week long about “I go to Fwippin to wide farm buggy and see a mean bull.” 

IMG_3320cropped  IMG_2770

I have tons of pictures from our visit last weekend…will post the pictures soon!

One more funny thing: Jeryn brought a pudding out of the fridge to me and asked to have some.  “Go get a spoon,” I told him.  And this is what he came back with:


Have you ever tried to feed someone JELLO pudding with a  ladle?

Thank you, Lord, for my precious children.  They are the biggest blessing!

IMG_1509 IMG_1503 IMG_1514_1_12


on the eastern journey said...

I often time prefer to eat my pudding with a ladle. ;)

Kelly said...

OH I just love the things they say and do. You are the BEST mom - i have so much I can learn from you. I love that you have her memorize scripture. She has the sweetest heart and I know Jeryn does too. You and Mario are so blessed! They are such a reflection of what great parents you both are!

His Doorkeeper said...

Micaela, some of J's fondest memories someday will be of you and her working on her scripture memorization. Not only planting the Word in her precious heart but quality time with her Mom is priceless! You are a fabulous Mom!

taterbug said...

You teach your children such wonderful things. I think I am going to use the learning of a bible verse- thanks for the idea. J is beautiful inside and out. These kiddos are truely a great blessing.

Leigh Ann said...

M, you make me want to be a better mom! You have inspired me to be better about memorizing scripture with my children. Thank you for that! J is such a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. Ahhh and J with the ladle. Just cute, cute, cute!