Friday, September 11, 2009

Want to pretend?

While I like to try and be somewhat fashionable, I am by no means a “shopper.” I love to have a new shirt, outfit, shoes, etc, but it stresses me out to go shopping and it’s just not all that fun to me.  I come by it honest.  As previous posts reveal, there is never a dull moment around my mom. But one place you will NOT catch her is at the mall.  

In my pre-teen years I can remember traveling a couple of hours to a mall before school started each year to get some school clothes.  I never understood why my mom looked so stressed in all of the stores until I grew up to feel the same way!  Ha!  Could it be that it costs money to buy things and as a grown up there are plenty of places that money needs to be spent besides at the mall?? :)

Growing up we used to get tons of magazines, and so I think it turned me into more of a magazine shopper.  The last time I was home I found a magazine with some of the most adorable clothes for little girls.  One problem: they were RIDICULOUSLY HIGH.  Since nothing in the catalog fit into my budget, I am going to PRETEND (key word is PRETEND) that I just won a $1,000 gift card to chasing-fireflies in a recent drawing and I am picking out my favorite outfits for Jaiden from their new fall catalog!  Here we go…



I love the teal and black one and that little girl sort of reminds me of Jaiden.  J also wears her hair like that sometimes, and it is still one of my favorite ways for her to wear it :)


Isn’t this stuff adorable???




And I wish I could get one of these pink velour hooded outfits for myself! :)


Brandi said...

I totally agree with you. Every single time I get that catalog, I pick out everything I want and then I throw it in the trash... way too expensive. Fun dreaming though!!!!

on the eastern journey said...

Yes! Let's pretend. How sweet is that green outfit with the striped tights?

Heather said...

I love those outfits, and yes, let's look for that pink one in an adult size!!

Kristen said...

I am obsessed with that catalog and I do not have any kids! Sadly it is too expensive :(

Anonymous said...

All cute stuff..but too expensive and I think this post was pretty refreshing and I loved it. I'm getting really tired of all the look what I boughts on all the blogs and all it does it make everyone else try to go copy when they don't have the budget. I love your imaginary shopping and your kids look darling to me in all they wear.

Jacquie said...

I can see Jaiden in every one of those outfits. Adorable.

I'm with you on the pink velour outfit!!