Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New words, New products

There's big. There's gigantic. There's enormous. And then there's Jag-normous. Maybe it's a word and I've just never heard it? Maybe my 4 year old's vocabulary is broader than mine.

Lately I have gotten in to a little routine as I bathe the kiddos that involves me rolling up my pants and sitting on the edge of the tub and soaking my feet while I bathe them. It always feels SO good to soak my tired feet in the warm soapy water after a long day and it always tickles the kids when I do. Tonight, Bubby took his little fingers and pointed at my feet and said, "Toes!" (Actually, it was a little more like "toeshh")

"That's right! Momma's toes! Where are Jeryn's toes?" I asked.

He pointed to his little toes peeking up out of the water and said, "Toeshh." Then he smiled at me.

"Good!" Now where's sissy's toes. He touched that little cute finger deliberately to her big toe..."Toeshh."

J and I started cheering for him and he was grinning from ear to ear. I was still looking in the water at all of our feet and said, " Aw, look at Bubby's little toes. He's got little toes, you have medium toes, and I have big toes."

"And Daddy has JagNOOORMous toes!" she exclaimed. With extra emphasis on the -normous part. I'm guessing that's a cross between gigantic and enormous, right?

I think Mario was half-way offended when he came in from outside and overheard us talking about it. His toes are quite normal. And I would say that they seem proportionate to his feet. They are neither teeny tiny, nor jagnormous, they are just right. I would post a picture of his toes, but he might really get a complex then. Ha!

Moving right along...well, last night I hosted a Pampered Chef party and it turned out to be a lot of fun!!! I went to the trouble to make the bannana pudding cheescake recipe I found out about from Kelly, whose friend Kasy was so kind to share the recipe.

About half way through, I realized how long it needed to actually chill, which was twice the amount of time until the party began. It was sooner than that when I discovered that I did not own a springform pan, but would proceed in the chesscake making process. Because once I have in my mind to do something, by gosh, it is going to be done!

Meanwhile I got a call and had to run and meet some clients to write an offer. Cut that time frame down to 1/4 the time needed to chill. I cranked the fridge down to the lowest setting, threw the still-warm cheescake on to the lowest shelf, and flew out the door. I decided if I could get back by thirty minutes before the party started, I could do an emergency freezer session.

I made it back exactly thirty minutes before the party started. And it was approximately thirty minutes AFTER the party was OVER when I remembered it was still in the freezer.

Uuugh! That was two hours of time not well spent, and now between the four of us, we have consumed almost the entire thing! I am taking what's left to work in the morning!

I am so excited about getting my Pampered Chef stuff though! We are not closing out the show until tomorrow night, so if you want to place an order, you still can! Just go here, and let me know what you want to order. I will email it to Vanessa and she will get you taken care of! Here are a few things I am getting:
Isn't this adorable? Can be used for butter and sour cream for potatoes, salsa and guacamole, candy dish, one girl even has in her bathroom with cotton balls and q-tips! Plus, you can pull the bowls out and use as icecream bowls! Can you say versatile??!

This is perhaps what I am most excited about...I am forevermore grating parts of my fingers when trying to use the tacky grater that I currently have. Also, once you have tasted freshly grated cheese, it's just better tasting. This can also be used to shred zuzhinni and a lot of other things!
Ahh...maybe I am a little more excited about his one. I will use this chopper to chop chicken, pecans, and a million other things!

And this little pinwheel thing will be worth the $9.50 because it helps crumble food like ground beef for even browning and seasoning.
Mini serving spatula is just $4.50 and after using the one my friend had, I decided I needed some Pampered Chef products!
I had a baking stone once and was so upset when it broke because I loved it! I used my rectangular baker ALL the time. I am looking forward to having the round baking stone again!
And I will probably add this dessert cookbook to my order because it has a ton of desserts for holidays throughout the year, not just Christmas. There were some really cute ideas that might be fun to take to office parties or J's school parties, so I'm thinking I'll get it too. $7.50

Well, it's late and I still have a ton of stuff to get ready for tomorrow. Good night.


Chelsa said...

i'm in love w/ that chopper! i used a friends to chop things up for a salad at her house & i will DEF. be getting one of those :)

Morris Family said...

You will love your chopper. I use mine all of the time. These products are so much better than the el-cheapos you get at Wal-Mart!! ha! I love the big new words kids use these days...don't remember learning half the words mine uses while I was in school.

the Percifuls said...

Love, love, love the "toesh" story! I think I might start soaking my feet during bathtime, too. Great idea. You really are a great writer. I always look forward to reading your posts.

By the way, how close in age are our kids? Tristan was born 11/28/04, and Logan on 3/31/07 - I think our babies might be pretty close in age. I know they're in the same class at church.

Jacquie said...

J and I must have the same dictionary... I saw "GInormous".

I love your bathtime idea! How fun!!!

Jessica said...

Found you through Kelly... I love my Pampered Chef stuff!

Leigh Ann said...

Love Pampered Chef. Ooooh, I need that pinwheel thing. That is so neat. I loved my round stone, too, and it got broken when we moved. They look like they have improved it now that it has the little handles on the sides. I love getting new kitchen gadgets!

I think jag-normous should definitely be in the dictionary! That made me giggle.

KK said...

Kids do say the 'darndest' things! Too cute!
I've had your blog music playing all day today, almost like having a new cd! If you can, please go to to vote on your 3 favorites of Nicol Sponberg's songs yet to be released. They are all awesome.
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend,