Monday, October 13, 2008

This and That...

This past Sunday, Mario & I taught Jaiden's class again. We have filled in for the last two weeks and the kids have been so funny! In our Stepping Up bible study, we recently had a lesson where Beth asked us to comment on some relationships that we have at church that we wouldn't have had anywhere else. She shared that she had a whole set of girlfriends ranging from ages 7-12 that she talks to each Sunday, and via text message through the week. I had to list this class! (Along with lots of other people that I am thankful for and always look forward to seeing). Mario and I have been subs for this class when needed throughout the last year. I always look forward to seeing them when we are filling in! Last Saturday, one of the sweet little girls just ran up to me at a soccer game and hugged my neck. She had the brightest smile on her face and asked me, "Where's Mister Mario?!" Before I could answer, she spotted him and ran up behind him and tried to scare him.

They are so precious and I love to hear what they have to say!

These pictures were all made from two Sundays ago, but I thought I would share about some of the fun we have been having!

April dressed up as Abraham to tell the kids a story...

The lesson was "I Can Follow God." I was asking them what we used maps for, and explaining that Abraham relied on God, and not a map.

This little girl loved making pretend waffles for Mario...

Here are some of the kids making their silly faces...

Saturday morning, J had a soccer game and then we met up with family and spent the day on a beautiful mountain! We had so much fun enjoying the beautiful weather. I will post some pictures of the trip in a few days hopefully.

Yesterday I went with J's class on their field trip to the pumpkin patch. I will post some photos of that eventually too.

Also, I just wanted to acknowledge that my friend Jana's husband who is in the National Guard is home for a short visit. Jana is the wonderful mother of two precious little boys. She started blogging as a way for her husband to keep up with their everyday lives and feel closer to home during his deployment. I think you should all go here and read her post about him coming home.

It might make you cry.

And it will definitely make you appreciate having your man home and by your side each day. Go read her post and leave her a comment to tell her you appreciate their sacrifices and his serrvice.

Jana, if you are reading this, I'm amazed by your strength. You sacrifice time with your husband and tackle every day with your two little ones--I've never seen you without a smile on your face.

And lastly, I've been tagged by 3 fellow bloggers to share 7 unique things about myself, so here goes:

1. I had a pet duck as a kid that thought he was a dog. I named him "Webster" to start with, but when he started acting like a dog, my family appropriately renamed him "Rover." He slept in the dog house with our blue/red healer and was eventually hit by a car.

2. There was a period of time when I was a kid that I carried a recorder around with me and recorded everything! This material included but was not limited to interviews with the farm animals and fights with my older sister. One time we had pulled in to the boat factory because mom had to run in to talk to dad. My sister and I were in the car and got into an arguement. The whole spill was recorded and near the end Jamie started threatening to tell mom that I had marked on her new sweatshirt. Apparently I was not smart enough to back off, and it ended with me begging her not to tell, and her screaming, "It's too's TOO late!" We found the tape years later and played it back, laughing until we all hurt!

3. I went to my first basketball camp in the third grade and was never the same. I became consumed with it. I played basketball in college and while it was not easy nor was it always fun, it was the best opportunity and I loved it!

4. I used to like when the coaches got mad at us and made us run because it was fun to run until it hurt. Even if it was six oclock in the morning. I love to run. Always have. Any distance...I just like it!

5. I was a child actress. Before you contact E! trying to get me on "Child Stars--Where They are Now" I should tell you that they were plays written and produced by my sister, her best friend, and our cousin. And they were never starring roles. Once I was a wolf and another time a girl named Miranda who died an untimely death. Perhaps my best preformance was as "Buddy"...a hard core, bad-to-the bone hooligan on their twist of America's Most Wanted.

6. I NEVER watch tv. I couldn't name a single show that comes on any night of the week because it's just never on at our house anymore. We watch dvds with the kids sometimes, but by the time we get to sit down and catch our breath at the end of the day--we'd both rather have a moment of peace and quiet! In fact, each month we talk about just eliminating our dish network bill since we never watch television anymore, but I guess we keep thinking we might miss it then!

7. I am a tea-aholic. I drink tea constanly. It's my favorite drink. Sweet tea is my preference, but I drink unsweet a lot too. I am also very picky about my tea though. I have certain places that I will not order tea from, and then I have several places that rank high up on my places to get tea from!

Now I tag anybody that wants to 7 unique things about themselves!


His Doorkeeper said...

I would love that arguement between you and that would be soooo funny!

I love tea too but it has to be "just" right or I don't want it!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Well now you have me curious! Where do you think the best sweet tea is? And the worst? Are any fast food places that serve tea on your list? blessings, marlene

Jacquie said...

I'm telling you... growing up at your house must've been so much fun!! Y'all are the funniest people in the world, and you did such funny stuff!!

Tell me it wasn't me that ran over Rover!! I did Donna's poor floppy eared bunny in several years ago.

I've been teaching the 3s/4s/5s at Awana on Wednesday nights since September 2006... I can honestly say I LOVE those kids and look forward to seeing them. I love seeing them somewhere away from church and they run up to hug me!! I would be missing that if I had decided not to serve.

(For some reason, your blog posts are always delayed on my blog or my reader...???)

Kelly said...

Your list of things made me laugh so hard. I would give anything to hear that fight between you and Jamie. I'd hate to have recorded some fights Chris and I had.
You are so hilarious Micaela - it comes out in everything you write.

the Percifuls said...

I'm a bit behind on reading blogs, so this comment is a little late. Thank you so much for your kind words! You're a sweetie!

Leigh Ann said...

There is nothing more precious than smiling children in Sunday School.

I will go by and visit Jana. I can TOTALLY relate to her story. It is SO hard!

That is SO funny that you recorded everything. Hilarious!