Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Someone Special

Who’d have thought that this young lad
Would one day grow up and be my dad

And who’d have known that this very man
Would yield his life to the call of God’s plan

A husband, a father, grandfather and friend
A leader and servant so well you have been.

Laughter and love and wisdom you share,
With careful instruction of what to beware

Genuine, trustworthy, talented plenty,
Insightful and giving…your qualities are many!

Patient you are when I’ve stumbled like I can,
You’ve proved to be my number one fan.

You can lighten a load with your witty style,
And encourage a person to go the extra mile.

Happy Birthday to someone known as my dad,
We’re celebrating you today--you make us all so glad!


Kelly said...

Micaela - I didn't know you were a poet! This was so sweet!!!!
Happy birthday to Randy - one of my favorite people ever!

Jacquie said...

I thought about your Dad yesterday. I always remember his birthday - it's also Bosses Day!

You and Jamie are truly blessed with godly, loving parents who have SO much wisdom. Plus... they'll make you laugh until you hurt!

Happy Birthday, Randy!

Jacquie said...

PS - That second picture is the BEST!!!

His Doorkeeper said...

Micaela, Randy's heart has to be just busting at the seams by your sweet thoughts of him!

We all love ya Randy! Happy birthday and may you live a long life, long enough to see those grandkids old enough to drive you around on that motorcycle!

Morris Family said...

Happy Birthday, Randy!! Micaela what a sweet post to your dad!

Stuart Fam said...

Such a sweet post! What a blessing to have a Godly heritage!

Leigh Ann said...

Micaela! This was so sweet. I got teary at that picture of your dad hugging his grandchildren. SO SWEET!

KK said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. Hope he enjoyed a wonderfully blessed birthday.

the Fosters said...

What a sweet and lovely post! Sounds like you have a great daddy!

Heather said...

Micaela, this was beautiful. I love the first pic of him as a little boy. Do you have that one framed? You and J are so blessed to have such a special dad!!

stacieShopper said...

This was so sweet of you. I didn't know you were such a great poet! Yes Happy Belated birthday Uncle Randy. We are so blessed to have to amazing men as our fathers!!