Monday, October 6, 2008

She's got jokes...

Well my Saturday turned out differently than I had planned, but we still had a busy weekend, and a lot of fun!

Our office had been preparing for our second annual customer appreciation day. This is a day where we all invite our clients and sort of have a “family day” for them to enjoy. We grill hamburgers and hotdogs for them, offer hayrides, face painting, and games for the kids, live music, and weather permitting, try to have our company’s hot air balloon there.

A lot of work and planning goes into it, and Saturday was going to be the big day. Until we woke up and it was pouring down rain. And thundering. And J’s soccer game for the morning was cancelled due to lightening. This year, there were several agents that couldn’t participate when we had to change the date of the event, and we found out a week before the event that we could not get the balloon there on that day either. So it was just as well. So I spent the majority of my Saturday morning making phone calls to let people know that we were calling it off.

One of my friends and her family had planned to come to the event, so I called her to see if she wanted to take the kids somewhere else fun. So we met up that afternoon and let the kids burn off a little energy!

We met them a month or so before Jeryn was born and we have enjoyed their friendship so much. Since then, our girls have had swimming lessons and gymnastics together, and now they are in school together.
The girls...I hope they will ALWAYS be friends!

The boys...they are six weeks apart in age and have almost the same color hair!

On Friday, when we had met Heather for lunch, J had a kid’s meal from Quizno’s. In her sack were some little cardboard microphones that had jokes on them. You know, the kind of jokes that are on popsicle sticks and Laffy Taffy wrappers.

Example: What do you call a fish’s friend? A gill-friend!
And what is a pig that knows karate called? A pork chop!

You get the picture. Well, Jaiden thought they were hilarious! She wanted Mario to read them to her over and over. I guess he got tired of the same ones, so he said, “Let’s do our own!”

“Okay, Dad, you go first!”

“Why did mom throw the clock out of the window?”

“No, Dad, the girl…why did the girl throw the clock out of the window…”

“No, mom…”

“No, the girl…” (What can I say? She is like her momma and could argue with a rock).

“No J, this is my joke…Why did mom throw the clock out the window?”

She didn’t know why. “Because she wanted to see time fly!” Mario said.

J was laughing hysterically. “My turn! My turn!” she squealed.
“She looked around the car and then said, “Okay…why does air come out of the air vent?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because it doesn’t want to!!”

Mario and I are both cracking up because it was so off the wall. It was so NOT funny, that it was funny! She sees the reaction and fires another one.

“How does the steering wheel turn around?!” she yelled from the back seat with extra enthusiasm.

Before we could answer, she shouted, “Because the wheels don’t turn!”

We were laughing so hard. Bubby was riding in his car seat just listening. Every time that we would explode with laughter, he would start cackling with us. By this time, I am digging out a pen and writing down those “jokes” of hers. Debate team, possibly…stand up comedian, not anytime in the near future! She is so stinkin’ cute.

There is no way that I can do the story justice by telling it here, it was one of those “just had to be there” moments. At any rate, we had a great Saturday with lots of laughs! Even if it wasn’t really funny.


Kelly said...

I would be laughing my head off at her too. Kids say the most random things - you can't help but laugh. I'm afraid I'll be the parent laughing when I need to be disciplining. ha!

Morris Family said...

That is too cute. I can see you with a notebook at all times to write down everything they say. They are cute especially when they think they are getting the joke on you!!

His Doorkeeper said...

The important thing is that you all laugh together as a family! It's one of life's best moments-in-time!

the Fosters said...

I love these post where I can read about what kiddos say! It is so neat that we can write these down online and look back one day and show them.
Yeah, kind of glad the Remax party got cancelled. Maybe next time we can go! Thanks again for selling our house in 3 days!

Heather said...

You guys have such a fun family! Her jokes are cracking me up! She is such a sweetie!

Jacquie said...

She's a true Hopper... you can't be around one without just cracking completely up!

Krissy said...

Aahh...I think we have a great friendship too... you and Mario have been great to Adi and all of us. I was touched by your blog. You made me cry. We love you guys!

the Percifuls said...

That is hilarious! I think that's the best thing about being a mom... those priceless moments that you never would have expected!