Sunday, January 17, 2010

Extreme Makeover

This shelf was in our house growing up.  It belonged to my mom, and she had it as far back as I can remember.


One day when I was home, they had been cleaning out the shop and she was going to get rid of it.  I wanted it.  So she gave it to me.  And I assumed that gave me permission to what I wanted with it???


So I painted it…added a crackle coat…and put new knobs on it…


And I guess Jaiden took this picture of her brother with my camera while I was painting off the deck.  If your wondering, those are trampoline parts that need to be moved in the background.


And here is the finished product, hanging in my laundry room with my scrapbook ribbon and some other stuff in it.



I never get to scrapbook but I like to go look at “my spot”  that has all my stuff in the event I ever got around to it.  I made this table for Mario one anniversary.  The desk was a freebie and I just took photos of us and Jaiden (Jeryn wasn’t born yet) at the barn and various other places that had stuff to do with horses, etc. along with some articles about some tie-down ropers that Mario liked and glued them to the table with some stuff from Hobby Lobby and then poured several clear coats of something else from Hobby Lobby to make it sort of like glass on top.   And that might have been the longest run on sentence known to man.



Below:  I love the four photographs on this part of the desk, beginning with top photo going clockwise…Mario and I on horseback at a family farm of some very special friends while we were dating, Mario, Joe and Breylin with Tahos INSIDE a building next to the pool table, the three of us at a local rodeo one night, and Trigger sniffing a flower in Jaiden’s hand when she was probably about 10 months old.



The picture of the little cute boy standing on the side of the stock trailer in the next picture wearing cowboy boots and a hat is Mario :)  He was probably about Jeryn’s age in this photo I’m guessing…the other photo of Jaiden on my lap was made on one VERY HOT day when Mario talked us into staying out and opening chutes for him.IMG_2933

P.S.   For the life of me I cannot figure out WHY everything on the sidebar has suddenly jumped to the bottom of the page…it’s driving me crazy! Any suggestions on how to fix it?? When I go into edit it, it shows that it’s in the proper place.  Weird.


the Fosters said...

Way to go on the shelf! It looks great!
I love all the pictures on the desk! That is a great idea.

His Doorkeeper said...

Micaela, Martha Stewart would be proud of you! You did a neat job on that little shelf!! Love all your pictures on your desk! So sweet to see the pic of Mario when he was little on the horse trailer!

Jacquie said...

Your Mom's shelf turned out SO cute!!! I have an old antique pine table that I should've tried something like you did with. I put old photos on and ordered a large piece of glass to lay over it. But, I love that I can change the photos.

Wish I could help you with your sidebar. Strange???

on the eastern journey said...

You did such a great job on the shelf! I'm sure your Mom is happy to see it put to good use.

The Garners said...

that turned out great!!