Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Get Away…

Just a few pictures form a quick weekend getaway over New Year’s last weekend….

        DSCF7504_3_1 DSCF7524_6_1

Something unusual happened…he fell asleep in the restaurant!  That has only happened one other time since he was in an infant carrier.  He was SO tired and he was crawling under the table…over the table…around the table…I knew if I could just get him still, he would go…IT WORKED! He slept the entire meal.  Look at those little sweet boots while he was sleeping :)

DSCF7525_7_1 DSCF7533_8_1

When he woke up, it was back to reality…here he is RIDING on his suitcase through the lobby.

DSCF7539_1_1 DSCF7549_4_1

There was a Build-a-Bear close by so we made had to make time before leaving.  Jaiden wanted the dog and I sort of think Jeryn wanted one too…but every time I would ask him, Mario would interject with “He just wants the pony…”

DSCF7551_6_1 DSCF7559_11_1

I don’t think he cared either way… he was having so much fun!

DSCF7564_13_1 DSCF7566_14_1 DSCF7568_15_1 DSCF7569_16_1 DSCF7574_19_1DSCF7575_20_1

We made it back in to town and dropped our bags off at home and headed to meet some of Mario’s family for pizza and a chance to get our kiddos together.  Here they are: Jamal, Christian, Jeryn, Jaiden, and Zoey (underneath) Marlee.



The Garners said...

The pic of Jeryn "riding" his suitcase through the lobby made me LAUGH!

The Garners said...

Glad y'all had fun!

Jacquie said...

Those little "sleeping" boots are so sweet. Aren't they the sweetest when they're sleeping??? I loved to go in and watch the kids sleep. Tyler doesn't like when I do that now. Ha!

His Doorkeeper said...

I just love that stuffed horse in his overalls!!!!

Mrs. Williams said...

Too cute!! Love your sons boots!!
Looks like yall had a wonderful welcoming into the New Year!