Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas& New Year’s Recap

Just a few photos from the holidays…


Above: Artwork from my five year old.  She was working away one night and asked me if a donkey had a “big tail or a little tail?”  I went over to see what she was doing and was completely blessed to find this!  I especially love the baby Jesus in the manger. And the donkey.  Oh, and the wise men.  And Joseph and Mary.  And the stable and manger.  And the star.  And I’m thinking those two guys on the right side might be shepherds.  Did I mention that I’m really proud of this piece?

We celebrated an early Christmas with my parents and sister’s family this year. 


You can go here to peek at a few photos from that weekend on my sister’s blog.

Christmas Eve:  My dad came to visit us and see Mario’s office.  He treated us to lunch and then came back to the house to play with the kids.  NeNe had given the kids their gifts before Christmas since we wouldn’t see them on Christmas and so they had some new stuff to play with.  They played with Jaiden’s new Play-doh set and Jeryn’s new pistols/holster set.  Yes, I know that people say you shouldn’t let your kids play with toy guns, and maybe you shouldn’t.  But my baby loves Gene Autry and he also watches some other old black and white westerns where they just shoot toward rocks and stuff and he and Grandad had a lot of fun shooting at mountain lions that get after the cattle.  And “buffawo” (buffalo).

IMG_2941 IMG_2942

Dad made a cowboy hat for himself and a mustache for Jeryn…



The kids and I made some cookies…

IMG_2951 IMG_2956

I couldn’t really tell if Jeryn liked the icing or not…what do you think??

That night we loaded up and went to our annual Christmas Eve service at our church.  We sing some songs and the kids wear their pajamas and get to go on stage and listen to a story.  But the kids were so tired they fell asleep on the way…

IMG_2961 IMG_2962

But the power nap helped, and they got to hear a cute story.  I didn’t get any good pictures of them during the story because they were sitting in front of two poinsettias the size of them. 

IMG_2967 IMG_2976    IMG_2979

We sing several songs every year, but my favorite part is one song in particular.  I love love LOVE hearing Mary Did You Know.  Mark Lowery, a Christian comedian that I got to see several times growing up penned the words, and they are certainly inspired!  I have heard lots of people sing it over the years and it’s always touching, but when the guy at our church sings it each year there is just an anointing and I hang on to every single word.

IMG_2631_15_1 IMG_2639_17_1 

These pictures were taken before we had any presents under the tree, but I wanted to have a photo to remember what our tree looked like this year.

Christmas Morning:


Mario wanted to get both kids a new hat, and they loved them!

 IMG_3007 IMG_3013 IMG_3018

Jaiden had asked for a sweater or shirt for Esther.  Target had some for a $1 at the front of the store so I wrapped one up for J and here we are putting it on her.  Esther didn’t know what to think.


Jaiden had asked for a Snuggie last year, so she was excited to get it one year later…haha!

IMG_3036 IMG_3040

After opening gifts, I made breakfast: bacon, eggs, cinnamon apples, and waffles with caramel pecan syrup.  After that we loaded up and went to Mario’s parents:

IMG_3048 IMG_3065

A cowboy can never have too many ropes…he didn’t get a new one for Christmas, but Breylin did.  Bubby brought two of his own and found Brey’s new one, so he was set!

IMG_3071 IMG_3077 

IMG_3080 IMG_3085

These boys just wanted to play ball…

IMG_3086  IMG_3105 IMG_3078 IMG_3120 IMG_3136

Meanwile, I think my reverse psychology is working.  J…on her own…went over to shoot a few hoops and I heard her say under her breath, “I can’t stop until I get ten.”  A sat and watched her from a distance and she got on a roll and made it up in the fifties and I had to make her stop to go with me to do something else! Now, THAT’S MY GIRL! :)


This was the first Christmas ever (that I can recall?) not being at my parents on Christmas day/night.  So after Christmas, the kids and I went back to Mo & Grandad’s where we spent a few days.  We spent New Year’s Eve with friends from our community group and let our kiddos play together.  The next day, Mario and I headed out for a quick little weekend trip with the kids.  Made it back just in time to meet with some of his family in town, and then yesterday my friend and I took our girls to see the Princess and the Frog that just came out in theatres.   We had a nice (and busy) vacation but now it’s back to school, work, and the usual! 


on the eastern journey said...

What a great recap! I love going to church in pajamas. That's the best idea ever!

the Fosters said...

Love the pics! My sister frames her little girl's artwork and hangs it on the wall; you should do with Jaiden's! It is so sweet!!
Can't wait for bball tonight!! Maybe Jaiden can give me some pointers! Haha

Kelly said...

Looks like a fun Christmas!! I love the cowboy hats! And that breakfast looked so good! I just can't believe how big your kids are! It happened over night it seems like! They are precious.
And I have a feeling Jaiden is going to be a basketball star!

Mrs. Williams said...

Love the pics!!! That breakfast food looked delish!!!
PJ's at church looked really fun. That was a good idea.

Jacquie said...

I love this post, Mic!! It is filled with fun and love and creativity and happiness and joy and all the things that make your whole family so special!

It appears Jaiden may have your work ethic. Some lucky Coach..

The Garners said...

Loved this post. And Jeryn's play-dough mustache and Dad's hat and Jaiden's picture (hope you're framing that to display every Christmas from now on!) Fun but busy break!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

you have got to frame that sweet artwork. that is priceless!!! one day she will cherish that as much as you already do. so sweet!

His Doorkeeper said...

Thanks for sharing your family's Christmas Micaela.
I know your heart was blessed by Jaiden's Nativity picture....that's a keeper! Love Randy's cowboy hat and Jaiden shooting hoops! Just like her Mom in so many ways!

Such a great age for you and your children! Enjoy every minute!!