Sunday, March 14, 2010

Celebrate Six!

J’s birthday is not until later this week, but this year we had a party early.  On top of an already busy week, I was worried about having everything ready for her party Saturday, but it happened, and the party seemed like it was a success :)


She wanted a zebra cake.  I was laughing about it to my sister a couple of weeks ago because it just dawned on me that she never really has had a “cute” cake. 

Year one I must of expected 2,000 people because I ordered a Little People Farm Cake with “Happy Birthday Jaiden” on one side and “Happy Birthday Rhett” on the other.  I think I was afraid Rhett would feel left out…never mind that he was only 1.  I also didn’t think about possibly wanting any pictures of her first birthday cake with just her name on it.  Luckily it was so stinkin’ huge that I could still manage. 

Birthday 2 was decent.  It was a lion face to go with our circus theme that year.  Maybe I’m just holding it against the cake because the weather sort of rained on my parade.  Literally.  At least it didn’t pour at the party--only the three days before.  One corner of my front yard was trying to hold water but the bounce house was rented, so the weather would clear up and it would work just like I had planned.  Kind of like the time I convinced Mario to keep heading toward Gulf Shores because I was going to “pray the hurricane away and have a nice family vacation like I had planned.”  I digress.  So the rain stopped, but the temperature DROPPED.  And the wind?? WHEWW!  We jumped in the bounce house and took pony rides on borrowed “Spanky” in ten minute spans.  Many watched from inside the house.  Note to self: No more outside parties in March.

Year 3 was another lousy cake.  I honestly can’t remember if I ordered it through the party place or ordered it and brought it myself.  I’d like to blame it on the place where we had the party, but I’m afraid it might have been me.  It has horses on it, which was thoughtful, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. 

You’d think by year 4, I might have caught on.  I can’t even remember what it looked like right now, and I’m too tired to try to look up the picture.  If memory serves me correctly, it was definitely provided by the party place, and I can still taste the freezer burn.

Year 5 would have to take the prize prior to this year…it wasn’t just unbelievable, but we did make improvement.  And I don’t know why I got off on a 15 minute discussion about cakes.  Jaiden, honey, just know that my lack of planning over the first five years is no reflection of how VERY VERY much I love you!  My mom made most of my birthday cakes and they taste the best anyway!  And don’t even get me started on the Red Velvet she always makes for Aunt Jamie!  Yuuummm.

Where was I??  I was telling my sister that this year I vowed to have cool cake.  So I rolled up my sleeves and got a good early start, and I made this:

IMG_3811 IMG_3813 

KIDDING of course.  I ordered it from a super talented lady, but I loved how it turned out!  I made J a little shirt to wear with iron on letters form Hobby Lobby and a cut out “6” from zebra felt.


Here she is, as sweet as the day I first laid eyes on her…

IMG_3818 IMG_3821

IMG_3860 IMG_3863

Thanks to my sister for taking some pictures for me.  I didn’t have enough hands.  I was too busy serving ice cream with a butter knife.

IMG_3888 IMG_3826 IMG_3892

Lex wanted to wear her pretty dress for Jaiden to see :)

Mario’s cousins Jermaine and Brandy and Mario’s god-daughter Marlee… 

IMG_3824   IMG_3831

Adi, Rhett & Chloe…

IMG_3891 IMG_3839

Ryann and Mary Kate…

IMG_3880 IMG_3838

Jadien with her cousin…

IMG_3854 IMG_3823

After the party we picked these jonquils and I took these of J:  I edited them to make them a little brighter but you can see the originals next to them.  There aren’t words to describe how special this girl is.  We love you, sis!

IMG_3899 IMG_3899ed


Happy Early Birthday!


Kelly said...

That party was precious and as I scrolled down and thought you made that cake - I almost passed out! I wouldn't be surprised if you did!!!
I love the pink and zebra and Jaiden looks so grown up in these pics it makes me want to cry. When did she get so big????

The Garners said...

It was a fun party!!! And I loved her cake and the favors (I bet R & A wish I'd gotten my own favor because I've eaten most of theirs). Jaiden was so sweet. I hope she has a really fun birthday week.

P.S. I'm still cold from that birthday party in your front yard where R was riding the green tractor--what year was that?

His Doorkeeper said...

Jaiden's party was perfect! I was like Kelly when I read you made the really wouldn't have surprised me if you had of made are super talented! The little shirt was darling!

And speaking of know Jaiden is just the most beautiful little girl....just like her Mama...inside and out!

Happy Birthday Jaiden! How did 6 years fly by so quickly?