Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Globes, Teeth, and Feeling Under the Weather


Mo & Grandad got J a globe for her birthday.  I used to love looking at my mom’s globe, so when mom told me she had one ordered for J, I was excited!


I knew she would love it.  Added cool points for lighting up.


We turned the lights off in the living room and sat by her globe for a long time talking about different places.  I love the soft glow it puts off. 


We decided that we would pick a place each week and then do a little research together on that place to learn about it.  She chose Italy for this week.

IMG_3944   And last but not least…look what we lost last night!!!!  IMG_3946 I was glad Mo found the tooth because it fell out in her sleep.  We had a rough couple of days.  On Monday, I took Jeryn to the doctor and he had a positive strep test.  He’s on an antibiotic for ten days.  He just finished one in February for an ear infection :(  Yesterday morning around 5 a.m. Jaiden woke up vomiting with a bad stomach bug.  She was sick the whole day but finally started feeling better about bedtime.


Thankfully they are both feeling better!


Bugs and Sunshine said...

Oh no, I hope your crew gets to feeling better.

That globe is super neat. I love the soft glow too. It reminds me of the movie While You Were Sleeping!

His Doorkeeper said...

I had a globe growing up and it was one of my favorite things....wish I 'd kept it! (It would be an antique now)

Love the pictures with soft glow of the globe...beautiful!

It might be fun to pick a country and cook a dish from that country. A good way to get your kids interested in learning about the world!

Sharmin said...

I love the globe. Jaiden looks so grown up in the first missing tooth picture. When did they stop being the cute little toddlers? I love Jeryn's sweet little face.

We have seeds growing in the kitchen window, too. I'm planning on a garden, we shall see.

The Garners said...

Globe pics so neat! I took one of R's globe tonight. Love the idea of picking a place to research each week--will have to copy that idea!