Friday, March 26, 2010

See How They Grow

A couple of weeks ago I picked up these little nifty bags for the kiddos.   

   IMG_3780 IMG_3781

Thought they would have fun planting and watching them grow.


        IMG_3791 IMG_3792 

They did have fun planting. 

I did not have fun cleaning up the mess. 

Soaking peat pots in water is not for little boys between two and three.  I couldn’t get a picture of the had to be promptly tended to.


We put them in the window and waited for them to grow.  I begged my family to keep the door to this room closed because a certain dog likes playing in dirt.  And a certain little boy likes playing in dirt.  And eating seeds.


But somehow this little monster kept sneaking pots out.  We started with a dozen and are down to nine.  She also knocked some off of the ledge and the stickers/labels fell off, so I’m not sure what is in each pot.

IMG_3807But I do know that these are Bubby’s baby watermelons… YAY!IMG_3934Not sure what these are but they sort of look like the same thing… if not, they are sunflowers…IMG_3932And these are sis’s tomato plants… YAY!IMG_3929

I am glancing over my shoulder right now and noticing how much they’ve grown even just today.  (These pictures were taken a few days ago).  They are screaming my name to water them so I had better do that now!


Morris Family said...

What a neat project!!! I love watching things grow...especially stuff my boy has done!!

Claire said...

What a sweet idea!